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Juward's (1994-2002, 2005-) is believed to currently be brewing

Wellington, Somerset
Definitive address, contact details and history of this brewery can be found at

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If the filter buttons don't work, please click here Some Juward's beers were previously brewed elsewhere. These beers have been hidden to reduce clutter; if you wish to see them, please click on the "all beers" or "dead" button.


Where another brewery's name appears in brackets after a beer name, this indicates that the beer is understood to actually be brewed by that brewery and not by Juward's. In some cases, beer is known to be brewed elsewhere but no information is available as to where. In this case the beer's entry will say [brewed elsewhere].


The beer regularity mentioned here refers only to the cask-conditioned form of the beer. Even if it is shown as "dead" here, it may still be available in bottled or keg form.