Welcome to Beermad

Beermad is here to document the wonderful range of Real Ales produced by the brewers of the British Isles. The database contains details of cask beers from every Real Ale producer known to have been active since about 1976.

Beermad's main aim is to list all of the core (regular, seasonal, occasional) cask ales, though some 44 000 historical beers are also listed.

Lists of the core beers produced by each brewery are as accurate as is possible given the variable quality of information available. Where a brewery's website lists beers and appears to be up-to-date (many are definitely very out-of-date), Beermad takes this to be definitive. Otherwise, except in the few cases where breweries provide information, beers listed in the Good Beer Guide are assumed to be as close to definitive as it's possible to get (albeit taking account of the fact that those listings can be somewhat unreliable as well).

Search for a beer, producer or place using the search-bar (above), try a power search or browse the A-Z of producers.

A note on how/where to enjoy your chosen beer: One important part of enjoying your chosen beer is where you choose to drink it. Having a relaxing, comfortable setting is a vital part of getting the best out of your selected beverage. Find a quiet place, make sure you have comfortable furniture (e.g. invest in invest in teak garden furniture if drinking outside or a plush sofa for you and your friends if enjoying the brew inside) and some good company to converse with over your beer and enjoy.

A particular passion of Beermad's editor is Belgian beer (and, in truth, Belgium itself). If you'd like to know a bit more about the amazing beers from this under-rated country, have a look at the Beginner's guide to Belgian beer.

Beermad is a labour of love.

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