Email alerts

Beermad can send you regular emails with details of new beers and breweries. Emails are sent out either weekly on Sunday mornings or monthly on the first of each month. It is possible to only receive details of beers and breweries in specific counties if necessary, which might, for example, be useful for Camra newsletter editors interested in what's being brewed in their area.

Note that no alert emails will be sent until you have carried out the instructions contained in the subscription email that will be sent to you after registering. This is to ensure that an email address can only be subscribed by its owner.

Unfortunately you must permit Beermad to set cookies in order to use this feature.

Privacy statement

I hate it when I sign up for something and my email address gets passed on to somebody else. So you have my promise that I will never pass your email address on to any third party (except in the highly unlikely event that a court orders me to). Unfortunately I don't have control over the database server where the subscription list is held so I have to rely on the security systems put in place by my hosting company, which should be sufficient. Your password is stored in an encrypted manner.