Beermad's accessibility policy

It is my intention as much as possible to make Beermad accessible to all people who might find it useful. I use various tools to validate my pages to ensure that I apply their standards for accessibility. I also do manual checks using a text browser (Lynx) and also use the Fangs screen reader emulator to check that pages render in a useful way on non-graphical devices.
Note: I still have some work to do checking the new version of Beermad against text-browsers, but I needed to get the site live as soon as possible. Since I have yet to actually see any text-browser using visitors in the access logs, I think this is justifiable.
I am, however, aware that my understanding of disability issues is relatively limited, so I always welcome feedback from people who need special software to read web pages. If you have any problems reading any part of this site, please use the contact link to provide me with the details and I will do my best to amend the pages to make them accessible to you.

Although I do my best to make Beermad accessible with the sort of specialised browsers that people with certain disabilities need to use, it is impossible to support very old versions of "ordinary" browsers and I have no intention of wasting time worrying whether or not browsers that have been obsolete since the last century can work with Beermad. So it's very likely that if you're using ancient relics such as Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape 4 then you may not be able to use all the features on the site. This is why I recommend upgrading to Firefox which is free to download and works extremely well.