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Links to Online Beer Sellers

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* 1516 Beer Company
  Sells bottled beer over the Web with local deliveries in South Cheshire & the Potteries
* Alexander Wines
  Coventry-based sellers; they deliver themselves locally and will send beer by courier further afield.
* Beer Direct
* Beer Export
  Belgium-based beer exporter
* Beer Ritz
  After a welcome redesign, now working with modern browsers
* Beer2Go
  Bury St Edmunds-based shop.
* Beergo
  Glasgow-based beer importers specialising in German beer
* Beers In A Box
* Beers Of Europe
  I've found this to be a reliable seller, with good service.
* Beers of Russia
  Specialists in Russian beers (and vodka too!) Try the delicious Baltic Porters.
Online sales seem to come and go at random times.

* Bierlijn
  Hugh Shipman and Marlies Boink's wholesale beer imports. In the UK, it mainly serves the area around Surrey but also distributes beers around much of the Netherlands. Hugh is author of The Serious Drinker's Guide to Amsterdam Beer
* Bitter End
  Kent based beer seller
* Bitter Virtue
  Based in Southampton; no online ordering but you can order by email.
* Booze UK
  Seems to have a wide range of beers, but the site's rather hard to find your way around
* Canterbury Beer Shop
  Real Ale takeaway in Canterbury.
* Euro-Beer
  Specialise in Belgian beer
* Fabeers
  York-based beer seller
* Foreign Beer Imports
* Hog's Back
  Beers from the brewery
* Jug & Bottle
  Offlicense in Bubwith, Yorkshire. Offers 5-10% discount to CAMRA members
* Living Beer
  In their words, "Bottled real ale merchant delivering to your quaffing chair from microbreweries"
  Drinks wholesalers who carry a fair range of real ale
* Molecrew
  Sussex-based distributors of cask ale
* Orchard Hive & Vine
  Sell beers, ciders, perries, meads, wines, etc.
* Personal Beer Company
  Where you can buy bottle conditioned beer with your own label on it.
* Pitfield Beer Shop
  Famous beer shop in north London. Seems not to be selling online any more (the beer list is rather old) but included here so you can find the address of this excellent shop.
* Real Beer Box
* Send A Friend A Beer
  Mine's a Wittekerke, thank you!
* Tastebuds
  Mail-order source of Earl Soham Beers.
* The Ale Club
  Subscription service delivering British bottled-ales monthly
* The Real Ale Shop
  Based in Wells-Next-The-Sea, Norfolk
* Tucker's Maltings
* Waverley TBS (Formerly The Beer Seller)

Why is there no link to OnlyFineBeer?

Only Fine Beer have a great range of beer. The problem seems to be when they try to deliver it. When I put in a large order a couple of years ago, I suffered messages not passed on, promises broken and so many cock-ups that by the time my delivery got to the carriers' depot (they attempted to deliver during the day, when I was assured they'd be told to deliver after 5PM) I eventually told them to take the beer back. Anybody can make a mistake, but the total mess made of my order means I would certainly never think about doing business with them in the future.